DIMAS at GCMEA Congress 2016


The Microwave Division of ITACA will participate as an exhibitor in the Third Global Congress on Microwave Energy Applications -GCMEA- that will be held in Cartagena, Spain from the 25st to the 29th of July.

Organized every four years, the GCMEA Congress is the place to be for scientists, students and industrialists willing to have a direct access to one of the largest community of international experts of microwave technology.

In our booth, people will be able to see:

  • Innovative microwave equipment for processing and synthesis of high-tech ceramics with advanced and unique properties.
  • Advanced technology for testing and characterization of electromagnetic properties of materials from room to high temperatures (>1000ºC).
  • Equipment for real-time combination of different testing techniques (i.e. simultaneous dielectric and Raman spectroscopy) during microwave processing, allowing a fine-tuning control and a deeper understanding of microwave-matter interaction.
  • Our expertise in electromagnetic modeling and design of microwave equipment for emerging challenges and novel applications.


Jose M. Catalá will be one of the worldwide recognized personalities who will provide a Plenary Lecture on the most updated state of the art in MW Science and Technology.

Some recent results about microwave processing and characterization obtained with our technology will be presented in the conference as well:

• B. García-Baños, D. Poparova, J.D. Gutierrez-Cano, P.J. Plaza-González, “Study of microwave thermal processes through in situ Raman and dielectric spectroscopy”
• A. Borrell, A. Presenda, M.D. Salvador, F.L. Peñaranda, J.M. Catala-Civera and P. Plaza-Gonzalez, “Effect of microwave mechanisms to fabricate efficient bioceramic components”
• H. Nigar, B. Garcia-Baños, F.L. Peñaranda-Foix, J. M. Catalá-Civera, R. Mallada and J. Santamaría, “Dynamic Measurement of Dielectric Properties of different Zeolite Y sorbents at high temperature”
• F.L. Penaranda-Foix, D. Marques-Villarroya, A.J. Canos-Marin and J.D. Gutierrez-Cano, “Dielectric measurements with a kind of TM0np at different harmonics”
• B. García-Baños, E. Ognyanova Tsvetkova, G. Llorens-Vallés and J.M. Catalá-Civera, “Microwave heating of powders at high temperature: effect of grain size and bulk density”
• A.M. López-Buendía, B. García-Baños, J. Bastida, G. Llorens-Vallés, M.M. Urquiola and J.M. Catalá-Civera, “Microwave calcination of clays”