CALCERAM Project: innovative system for efficient calcination of silicates

CalceramThe CALCERAM project aims to develop an eco-efficient system based on microwave heating technology for the continuous calcination of silicates (clays and kaolins). Clays and kaolins are raw materials for the ceramic and cement sectors respectively and both are of great importance for the productive economy of the Valencian Community.

The calcination process or thermal activation of clays and kaolins involves heating the raw materials up to temperatures that can range between 650°C and 1200°C.

The solution developed in the project aims to improve the environmental impact of the ceramics and cement industry by introducing microwave technology to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, reducing global CO2 emissions. At the same time, it allows decreasing processing times with a robust and compact solution that considerably reduces the space requirements in the production plants.

INNCEINNMAT is the company in charge of the project within the line of the I+D Pyme program of IVACE (nº exp. IMIDTA / 2016/168). DIMAS-ITACA participates in the project with the dielectric characterization of the materials, as well as with the design of the microwave applicator to perform the continuous calcination of the silicates in the specific conditions required.


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