DIMAS at the EuMW Conference 2018


The Microwave Division of ITACA will participate as exhibitor in European Microwave Week 2018 Conference that will be held in Madrid, Spain from the 23rd to the 28th of September.

Bringing industry and academia together, EuMW 2018 is a SIX day event, including three cutting edge conferences and one technology exhibition. EuMW 2018 provides access to the very latest products, research and initiatives in the microwave sector. It also offers the opportunity for face to face interaction with those driving the future of microwave technology.

In our booth (No. 14), people will be able to see:

  • Innovative microwave equipment for processing and synthesis of high-tech materials with unique properties.
  • Advanced technology for testing and characterization of electromagnetic properties of materials from room to high temperatures (>1000ºC).
  • Equipment for in situ combination of different techniques (i.e. simultaneous dielectric and Raman spectroscopy) during microwave processing, allowing a fine-tuning control and a deeper understanding of microwave-matter interaction.
  • Our expertise in electromagnetic modeling and design of microwave equipment for emerging challenges and novel applications.

Some recent results about electromagnetic characterization obtained with our technology will be presented in the conference as well:

  • David Marques-Villarroya et al., “Extended Full-Wave Analysis of a Multimode Circular Cavity with Insertion Hole”

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