DIMAS participates in a new european project: DESTINY


The microwave division of ITACA participates in the new European project DESTINY: Development of an Efficient Microwave System for Material Transformation in energy INtensive processes for an improved Yield (H2020-NMBP-SPIRE-2018).

With 14 partners covering 9 European countries, DESTINY pursues the introduction of the “first-of-a-kind” high temperature microwave processing system at industrial level, offering a variety of vital benefits to energy intensive sectors (ceramic pigments, steel and clay sectors): reduced energy consumption, lower lifetime operating costs and enhanced sustainability profile. DESTINY will give these sectors the chance to replace their standard heating technologies averagely cutting by 30% the required energy for production and decreasing the CO2 emissions.

DIMAS activities within the project aim to realize a functional, green and energy saving, scalable and replicable solution, employing microwave technology for continuous material processing in the considered energy intensive industries.

The DESTINY Kickoff meeting was held in Brussels (30th-31st of October 2018), being a great opportunity for the partners to get the key information needed to succeed and to demonstrate their enthusiasm and understanding of the new project.


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