About us


The Microwave Division (DIMAS) of the research institute ITACA undertakes scientific and applied research, technological development and technology transfer initiatives in the field of microwave engineering. DIMAS also offers consultancy services of advice, high frequency measurements, and expert feasibility studies in projects of technological development, applicable to the microwave sector.

The division is mainly composed by University staff with the assistance of contracted researchers, technicians and fellowship students. The team of researchers is now well established with close links to industry and has one of the best independent microwave design and test facilities in Spain, including an excellent starting-up hardware and software equipment to confront the diverse systems and prototype designs. At the same time ITACA has appropriate resources to develop the project according to the requests of the business, in the framework of professional agreement or contract.

We develop our scientific activity and technological development in the framework of competition projects with European, national and local financing.  The team disseminates the results of its research through publications in refereed journals, presentations at conferences and workshops, and participation in standards organizations.

We hope that the collection of information included in these pages will help you in understanding our work and in making use of the technical capabilities and services that we provide for industry, government, and academia.

The picture above shows some members of the team (First row from the left: David Marqués-Vllarroya, Josep-Lluís Sebastian-Gimeno, Oscar Gomis-Gomez and Juan Borrás-Morell. Second row from the left: Pedro J. Plaza-González, Jose Daniel Gutierrez-Cano, Isidora Navarro-Milla, Felipe Peñaranda-Foix, Jose M. Catala-Civera, Juan-Vicente Balbastre-Tejedor, Antoni J. Canós-Marin, Gabriel Llorens-Vallés, Miguel Angel Bravo-Jimenez, Beatriz García-Baños).

DIMAS is appointed to the ITACA Research Institute at the Technical University of Valencia. Please visit ITACA website for more detailed information.